Tac-Fab Blast Ring

Quick and Easy Blast and Frag Protection

A Dual Use Tool for Both Emergency Response and EOD Operations

NABCO Blast Ring

The TacFab Blast Ring is a valuable piece of equipment for both emergency and planned explosive operations. 

For emergency situations, the light weight ring can be carried by one person and placed over a suspicious item while waiting for the bomb squad to arrive. The ring will provide horizontal blast and frag protection in the event there is a detonation.

EOD Operations

Blast Ring with Disruptor

For EOD Response, the Blast Ring may be carried by one person or by robot and staged for disruption through its disruptor port. When using the ring with a disruptor, the collection area for post blast evidence will be found in closer proximity. 


• One-man deployable for quick placement
• Mitigate horizontal frag risk while directing blast upward
• More easily collect post-blast evidence within close proximity to ring
• Can be used with X-ray systems


Proudly Manufactured in the USA

Our solutions are manufactured in the United States, but NABCO’s reach extends across more than 25 countries around the world, providing scalable solutions for a wide-range of airports, police departments and military services. 

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